Cheryl Forbes
I had emergency spinal surgery because C5 was bulging and pushing into my spinal column which paralyzed me. After a week of being paralyzed, they figured why, removed C5, gave me an artificial bone and fused it. Problem solved but post surgery the problems began. I suffered enough nerve damage to really make an impact on my day to day life. My left leg dragged (not pretty), I limped, my left hip popped on demand, I could not lift weights at the gym due to lack of muscle control (I was quite the gym rat prior to my surgery), I had this cold sensation on my entire right side and I had numbness in both my legs, feet and hands that just wouldn't go away. After several visits to various western medicine specialists, I was left to my devices as no one could tell me how to reverse these symptoms. The one thing they did offer was that I had Brown-Séquard syndrome. This is essentially a loss of sensation and motor function due to a cutting of the spinal cord. This was unacceptable and I was determined to get myself back . . . I'm only 47! I felt like I needed a major front-end alignment that you would give your car when it pulls excessively to the right. I tried it all, physical therapy, personal trainers, Reiki, working out on my own, special massages, acupuncture, etc. Nothing seemed to work and I was getting fat. I was then introduced to Dr. Bobby Nourani by Dr. Allen Peters, my Wellness doctor. After my 1.5 hour intake session, yes there was a laundry list of things to explain, the magic began. Through a series of visits he maneuvered my muscular skeletal frame back to where it belonged. Nagging muscles that wouldn't stretch finally released. I got back a full range of motion in all my back and leg muscles where I could take long walks with no limping. Eventually I graduated to running in the sand and now I'm running on pavement. The pavement part is still not condoned but I can't help myself . . . I feel great! I'm also once again able to wear my "big girl shoes" (thats my high heels) limp free! The ability to work out has strengthened my muscles and re-fired my nerves which has eliminated my popping, limping and numbness. I truly have full control of all my muscles which are growing stronger by the day. My tenaciousness coupled with Dr. Bobby Nourani's need for perfection has paid off in spades. Many thanks to Dr. Nourani for helping me get my life back.
As a NCAA Division 1 swimmer, I have had overuse injuries in my shoulders and knees. Prior to being treated by Dr. Nourani, I went to a chiropractor and physical therapist for several months, but was unable to compete at the highest level due to continued pain. After my first 1 hour treatment with Dr. Nourani, I had greatly improved range of motion and was pain free within days of the treatment. Dr. Nourani is an amazing Osteopathic manipulator and I highly recommend him.
Don Patterson
I was recently treated by Dr. Bobby Nourani for neck and lower back pain. After one 30-minute session, I had a greater range of motion in my neck than I'd had in 10 years, and much of my lower back pain was gone. When done properly, osteopathic treatment is gentle, relaxing and it works wonders for tension, stiffness and pain. I would recommend it as a course of treatment for anybody with injuries that make routine activities difficult, cause discomfort or limit mobility.
Vicky C.
I have known Dr. Nourani professionally since we met in 2007 at an Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine conference. He has amazing hands. Dr. Nourani has treated me on numerous occasions with profound positive changes. I would highly recommend him as a fellow physician. He has both the the skills and heart to heal.
Alyssa T.
I came to Dr. Nourani when I had vision problems due to a massage therapist performing traction on my neck/head. I was alarmed because I saw spots and ordinary shapes were fuzzy. Dr. Nourani saw me right away and cured my eye problem in 2 visits using Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. He was so kind and recommended supplements to help my eyes heal as well. The day after my first visit, he called me to see how I was doing. After my second visit, he continued to check up on me and make sure my issue was resolved in the long term. I would definitely go back and see Dr. Nourani for any medical issues I have because he is kind, genuinely cares, and performs medical treatments at an extremely high level. Thank you!
Shauna Garcia
My baby girl Reagan was born in September with a surprise diagnosis of Down Syndrome. We were told that she would have a hard time nursing because of her low muscle tone, but gave it our best shot anyway. She was doing fairly well feeding on one side, but the other side was not good at all. When she was five days old my midwife introduced us to Bobby. He worked on her for quite a while and she got more and more comfortable and relaxed. When he was done she was the most content and peaceful I have ever seen a baby. When she woke up she nursed on both sides with a fabulous latch and hasn't looked back since. She is my best nurser of my three by far! I would not have known that she could be helped and will be forever grateful for Bobby's ability to adjust her and help her.
Lisa Allowitz-Thompson
Look no farther! If you want the physician that is a rare gem, one of the BEST of the BEST, a powerful miracle healer, you found him: Dr Nourani! Dr Nourani will give you the help you need, and quickly! Not really understanding what Dr Nourani did, I was willing to try anything given the severity and unpredictability of my painful disabling condition: dysautonomia with parasympathetic dominance and MS tendencies, fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s syndrome, TIAs (mini-strokes), including severe and constant pain in my legs and hands, occasional yet extreme pain in my arms, shoulders, neck, back, hip and feet, plus flare ups of excruciating pain around my chest (called the MS hug) from time to time. Yeah, I was willing to try anything. And I’m so thankful I was! It gave me the life changing/healing opportunity to meet and be treated by Dr Nourani! Dr. Nourani started my appointment by asking many questions while he intently listened to my answers. He wanted to understand what I was dealing with and help me - and it showed! His sincerity, attention, patients, and care were refreshing and appreciated. He then began examining my body. I didn’t have to undress or anything. I was very comfortable throughout the examination as he proceeded to ask more questions. But these questions weren’t the run-of-the-mill questions. They were uncommon to me, yet incredibly relevant. And very important. They were questions other physicians never asked - and I’ve seen MANY over the last 20 years! Dr Nouroni amassed (in minutes) huge discoveries, incredible insights, and healing results. In fact, I walked away feeling like a physical weight had been lifted from me - like an actual 30 lb weight was lifted, vanished, just like that, within 60 minutes, simply gone! I felt better than I had in 6 years! Honestly, Dr Nourani is a brilliant genius with divine intuition and miraculous healing powers. His level of efficacy, knowledge, application and expertise surpass the extraordinary. He is a true and dedicated physician in every sense of the word. Dr Nourani is a successful holistic healer that cuts to the chase, gets to the root of the problems, and resolves the problems quickly for true healing results. Not just any healing results though. Lasting healing results! If Dr Nourani can help me, which he did in insurmountable and invaluable ways, he certainly can help you too! With whole-hearted infinite gratitude for and to Dr Nourani!