Dr. Nourani
Dr. Nourani

Here to help you achieve your own optimal health

Here to help you achieve your own optimal health

Hands-on techniques used to treat your injuries and pain.

Hands-on techniques used to treat your injuries and pain

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Chronic Pain

OMT is used to promote healing, treat pain and a number of other health problems of adults and kids.

Sports Injuries

Osteopathic Medicine promotes healing and support for those who have sustained sports related injuries.


We provide Pregnancy & Postpartum Care to promote comfort and care during your pregnancy.


We offer Infant & Pediatric Support. OMT is used to promote healing care for your baby. We provide support if your baby is colic, poor latch, spitting up, and more.


This list is not comprehensive. Rather it provides a list of common dysfunctions treated with Osteopathic Manipulation.

Nerve Hydrodissection

Nerve Hydrodissection is an injection technique used to treat nerve entrapments. It involves injecting a solution to mechanically separate the nerve from surrounding structures, including tissue and fascia.


Osteopathy is based on the fundamental principle that the entire body is interrelated and has an inherent ability to defend and heal itself.

Perineural Subcutaneous Injections (PNSI)

A combination of safe and natural nerve calming components are used to heal chronic pain responsible for aching, burning, tingling, or sharp pain.

PRP Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help you recover from an injury and return to your activity quickly.


Prolotherapy, meaning to strengthen and grow, is a form of regenerative injection therapy stimulating the healing, growth, and stability of damaged tissues.

“Specializing in individual treatment

plans specific to your needs"

Dr. Bobby Nourani

Bobby Nourani, DO, FAAO
Board Certified in Pain Medicine
Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Board Certified in Family Medicine &
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment
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